Coming Soon: Crooked River Skate Park

Cleveland’s Flats will soon be home to Crooked River Skate Park, a $758,000 construction project to be built on 15,000 square feet of city owned land.¬†Ohio City, Inc., Public Square Group, and the city of Cleveland have been responsible for organizing the project, with 100% of its funding coming from donations.

Grindline, a Seattle-based company, has been contracted for the construction of the skate park. As of September 2012,¬†Grindline has finalized the conceptual design of the park, a “Snake Run” concept, based on ideas from the first public meeting held in April of 2010. Expected to break ground next spring, the group is hopeful that the skate park will be up and running next summer.

A free, recreational activity, Crooked River Skate Park is expected to bring new people to the Flats area which will hopefully encourage more development as a result. The organizers are expecting the skate park to be a major part in the rebirth of the Cleveland waterfront.

For more information about the project, visit the Public Square Group website.


  1. Luke McLaughlin - November 14, 2012

    what is this a skate park?