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Kenilworth Tavern

Service and Atmosphere Kenilworth Tavern sits on Detroit Avenue in Lakewood, a popular piece of bar crawl terrain, and it’s a pretty typical neighborhood dive: the food, the drinks, and the atmosphere are all about average. They don’t seem to be trying too hard to impress anyone with their outdated…

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ABC the Tavern

Service and Atmosphere It’s pretty easy to overlook a place like ABC the Tavern. Sitting on West 25th in Cleveland’s Ohio City neighborhood, from the outside it appears nothing more than a dive bar, a Cleveland commonality usually not worth a second glance. But once you try it, you’re bound…

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Tony’s Family Restaurant

Service and Atmosphere Cleveland’s largest suburb captures the very essence of what belongs in a blue-collared town: little taverns filled to the brim with nightly regulars, and plenty of cheap, homestyle dining options for the hungry working man (or woman). Though Parma isn’t much of a tourist destination, if you…

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